Loader Hire

Pipeline Technics supplies loader wet and dry hire for all civil construction and mining sites in Western Australia and nationwide for longer projects.

Compact and versatile our loaders have a 4-in-1 bucket attached to the front and come with four wheels that are locked on either side that allow them to move by skidding or dragging the wheels across the terrain.

About Loaders

Skid steer loaders are used for small scale earthmoving, dirt loading and material pushing within the site. They can be used for a variety of jobs including excavation, material transportation, site preparation, fencing, farming and trimming. Depending on the type of job, the 4-in-1 bucket can be replaced by a number of attachments including (but not limited to): auger, backhoe, blade or blower, cement mixer, roller, sweeper, trencher and wood chipper.

Our  Loader Fleet for Hire

Pipeline Technics supplies loaders for both wet (equipment and operator) and dry (equipment only) hire Perth, Kalgoorlie, Joondalup and across Western Australia. Our high-output, high-torque engine skid steer loaders are versatile and can negotiate even the most complex terrains. Maintained to the highest industry standards, our skid steer loaders deliver superior performance. Lightweight features make transport easy and less costly for clients.

Fleet Specifications

Mustang Skid Steer Loader 2044 Hire

Make – Mustang

Size – Mid-size

Engine – 4-cylinder, 34.2kW Yanmar engine

Operating capacity – 658kg with extra breakout forces up to 2268kg for super tough jobs

Hire – Wet and dry

Terms – Short and long term

Unit – 2

Areas – Western Australia wide including Perth, Kalgoorlie, Joondalup, Southern Cross and Peron. Can be deployed to all other parts of Australia for long-term projects.

Attachments – Our skid loader/skid steer loader/skid steer comes with a complete range of attachments for all types of jobs.

Mustang Skid Steer Loader 2044

Every job is different and may require different attachments. Talk to us today for the best solution for your civil construction, mining project or anything else. Call us on 0417 938 956 or click here for a quote.

Contact us today for a personalised quote on your next pipeline construction, civil engineering and plant hire project.
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