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Polywelding Large Bore HDPE Complex Been


Functional Design

We have qualified poly welders in house and variety of Poly welding equipment for Pipes from 50mm to 1200m diameter. With an experienced team, as well as the latest plant and equipment, we can undertake a broad scope of poly welding services.

Pipeline Technics can deliver a complete poly welding solution for your industrial, residential, mining or commercial needs. 

Our wide range of services include:

  • HDPE welding

  • Water and sewer Pipeline construction

Along with their team our project managers and accredited welding technicians will ensure your poly welding project is completed to the highest standard in the specified time, by project managing every stage from development to completion.

Pipeline Technics believes in the well being of everyone onsite and so we keep our team up to date on the newest health and safety courses. We are also dedicated to protecting the environment and therefore take extra precautions when undertaking our poly welding series to ensure minimal impact is caused.

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